minteaprince: oh, the weather outside is frightful (hot chocolate)

[ n a m e ]
call me kazu-sama-kun-san, or I'll inject your cerebrospinal fluid into your lungs ゚+.(⊙‿⊙)。+.゚ >
kazu, kazuchii, hey loser-

[ p u r p o s e ]
i don't really know what to do with my dreamwidth lol >
colors!tcg , fic-reading

[ f a n c i e s ]
if you talk to me about any of these i might just marry you- >
.hack | baroque | beyblade | di(e)ce | free! | katekyo hitman reborn | [k] project | saint seiya | bouei-bu


[ t u m b l r ]
where i place my soul a.k.a. the last place you want to be >

[ t w i t t e r ]
where i mostly post fandom updates and probably have sleep deprived rants about my imaginary boyfriends >

[ d e v i a n t a r t ]
more like satanical ritual drawings of a 4 month old marmot >

...are you starting see a trend here-
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